Which Country At The Olympics Represents Your Personality?

The biggest event in sports is back in 2016 - which team best symbolizes you?

Which Country At The Olympics Represents Your Personality?

Which Country At The Olympics Represents Your Personality?

  1. You got: United States

    You're a true overachiever and can take to a lot of different tasks easily. Any goal you set for yourself, you usually can take on with flying colors. Sometimes you seem a bit like the big-man-on-campus type figure and a bit arrogant but it's more pride in your achievements than anything else..
  2. You got: Russia

    You stop at nothing to get what you want. There's a very real chance you're a Slytherin whenever you take a Sorting Hat quiz. You have talent, of course, but you also know that when there's a will, there's a way. And you have a strong will and a determination to always find a way to succeed.
  3. You got: Great Britian

    You've got some serious style about you. You host some of the greatest parties and know what you do best. You don't normally strive to be the top of the food chain but you take what you excel and you do it well. However, even when you mess up, you'll just be remembered for the good things.
  4. You got: Kenya

    You are definitely a stand out thanks to a few particular talents. Whether you're a ringer for friends' trivia nights or renowned for your expertise in photography, you are one of the few people in your circles that can do the things you excel at. Hold onto that - it will serve you well.
  5. You got: Jamaica

    You are a quiet person who will randomly shine in some way or another, sometimes pleasantly shocking those around you. You're not boastful but may gain some quiet notoriety if and when word of your talents get out. Enjoy the spotlight occasionally and remember it's worth being appreciated.
  6. You got: Germany

    Your standout characteristic is longevity. You may have the same friends that you've had since elementary school or pursuing the career path you have no intention of leaving. You stick with things. You can also occasionally cause some strain in situations due to this determination.
  7. You got: Norway

    You have a very specific set of skills or talents that you may find yourself unable to use at times, but take heart in the fact that your moment to shine does come around - and is noticed - and will totally be worth waiting on the sidelines. You'll go far and completely ace what you set your mind to.
  8. You got: China

    You're very well-rounded but have some stand-out talents in some rather unusual areas that can make you extremely interesting and unique when it comes to who you surround yourself with. Hone those skills; you never know when they may come in handy or attract some positive attention.