Q:  What is prank.es about?
A:  Prank.es is basically a prank website where users can post their quizzes and list.

Q:  How do I create an account on prank.es?
A:  Creating an account wit is is easy, click on the human icon, a page containing a form where you can fill in your details will be displayed. Fill in your details and click on create account. Your account will be created.

Q:  Can I post my own list and quiz on prank.es.
A:  Yes you can create and post your list and quiz on prank.es. Click in the cross icon on the top right of the home page, a drop down menu will show you a list of items you can create, from list, to quizzes and even polls.

Q:  What type of lists and quizzes can I post on prank.es?
A:  You can post any type of list, quizzes, and polls on prank.es. Just make sure the items you post are interesting, engaging, and your own idea.

Q:  Can I delete any item I posted on prank.es.?
A:  Your lists are yours, you have the right to delete them, as long as you have an account with our website.

Q:  What  browser does prank.es support?
A:  For the best user experience on pranked, use the latest version of Google chrome, we also support Mozilla Firefox, opera, and internet explorer 8