It Is Unsafe For Women To Travel By Plane, The Reasons May Surprise You!
Traveling on a plane really freaks out for some people who normally travel on it for the first time. Some people have a tough time traveling on their first nacioanl or international flight even though they have flown on a plane before. But there are many for whom it is exciting.

1. The case of Anna.

The case of Anna.

Anna was traveling on her first   flight to london. Immediately Anna noticed a man sitting beside her she freaked out and got scared. The man was shaking or moving his legs. She thought it was because of nervousness. After some time the man covered his legs with a blanket and gestured towards his crotch asking her to lay on his lap. She clearly denied.

2. Guy was disgustingly weird.

Guy was disgustingly weird.

He started touching her left breast when she was asleep and the cabin lights were off. She felt a sharp pain and jumped off the seat. When she bolted up, he said, "Oh, sorry, sorry."


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